Taking care of your fireplace after it has been installed:

  • Break in your new fireplace by initially lighting¬† three or four small fires, using the correct fuel.
  • Use a fireguard at all times
  • Never leave an open fire unattended, without an effective spark guard in position.
  • When your fire is in operation, keep combustibles away from all hot surfaces.
  • For safe and efficient operation, your fireplace should be regularly maintained.
  • Get your chimney professionally swept at frequent intervals, with rods and brushes.
  • Fit an approved smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm in your home.

Taking care of your Solid Fuel Fire:

  • Never start your fire with liquid fire starters
  • Aim for a small gradual build-up of heat and smoke.
  • Don't overload your fire - if you do, burning coals or logs could roll out.
  • Never use wet or freshly cut wood.
  • Keep the base of the fireplace free of excessive ash accumulation.
  • Adding a handful of salt to your fire occasionally will help prevent the build up of soot, whilst also adding colour to your fire.


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